Hillbots are as Dumb as Bushies

HillBots = Bushies?

Okay, Hillbots. It’s time to come back to the party. You’ve had your time to sulk. We need the full 4½ months leading up to the election to beat McBush. Your candidate didn’t win, just like many of other voters and we’ve gotten over it. Stop being such a big bunch of babies.

Note: This does not pertain to the Hillary Clinton supporters that have joined with the supporters of John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel and the Al Gore hopefuls behind our party’s 2008 nominee, Barack Obama. It does, however, pertain to the Hillary supporters who vow to either not vote in the election in November or vote (dare I say it) for John McBush.

Definition: Hill·Bot (hĭl’bŏt’) -noun

1. A supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Democratic presidential candidacy who refused to admit that her candidate did not win the nomination.

2. A Clinton supporter who thought that the media was out to get her even though she was the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination with the polls and the media. That is, until the people started voting.

3. A Clinton supporter who thinks she ran a clean and friendly campaign and her opponents were just plain nasty and dirty.

4. A Clinton supporter who will vote against their best interests because they are trying to make a point. A point that makes no logical sense. A point that could seriously harm this country. A point that doesn’t exist. A point that no one cares about.

5. A Clinton supporter who refuses to let go.

HillBotThe Hillbots claim that their candidate has cornered the market on candidates getting mistreated by the media pundits. Just this election alone – on the Democratic Party side – this can easily be disproved.

Mike Gravel is thought of as the crazy old guy from the 2008 Democratic primaries. The media essentially ignored him and continued to incorrectly state that he had dropped out of the race. In fact, he still has yet to drop out, changing his party affiliation to Libertarian. He was mostly ignored in the debates eventually getting removed altogether.

Dennis Kucinich was the candidate that had the best working-class message. He has repeatedly called for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney. Kucinich, too, received little to no media coverage. During the debates he was relegated to the corner of the dais and was asked few questions. In one debate, the late Tim Russert asked Kucinich the following: “Shirley MacLaine writes in her new book that you sighted a UFO over her home in Washington state,” Russert said, “that you found the encounter extremely moving, that it was a triangular craft, silent and hovering, that you “felt a connection to your heart and heard directions in your mind.” Clearly, Russert’s intention was to make Kucinich look insane to the voters. Even though a judge ordered Kucinich be included in a following debate, MSNBC refused to allow him on the stage for the Nevada debate.

John Edwards wasn’t able to raise the kind of money that Obama and Clinton generated. Though he was still included in the debates, he received little press coverage unless you were talking about his haircuts. Unquestionably, Edwards was the most popular Democrat in the blogosphere. Every talk radio program that polled its listeners determined that Edwards was overwhelmingly the favorite candidate. He spoke of staying in the race until the general election. Even though I knew I was being disenfranchised, I voted for Edwards in the Florida primary in January solely because I have never been able to vote for my favorite candidate in the primaries since Florida has never mattered in all the years I have voted. I got home from voting and contributed money to the Edwards campaign. He dropped out of the race the next day. I was angry and felt cheated. Briefly, I toyed with the idea of staying home or voting for another candidate in the general election. Then I weighed my options and got behind Obama.

Did Hillary Clinton get mistreated by the media? To some degree, yes. But so had Obama. If I have to hear one more thing about the Reverend Wright or that bitter comment or Michelle not being proud or the flag pin or pledge of allegiance, I will be sick.

Is there misogyny in the media? Absolutely. Chris Matthews was disgusting. There were many other incidents too. This must change. The media will not fix itself and it certainly will not fix itself under a McBush presidency.

HillBots on the moveHillbots. It is your time. Your candidate and shepherd has gotten behind the winner of the primary. You need to come to that same conclusion. The alternative is too dangerous.

Coming next: Why the Hillbots need to get over it and vote for Obama.

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2 responses to “Hillbots are as Dumb as Bushies

  1. David Lieber

    Good post by you, but haven’t you actually made these folks angrier and less likely to support Obama?

  2. if they dont vote obama…its cause they werent going to anyway…its only 16% of them to worry about..this was needed..im sick of them trying to have the upperhand and control things to get their way..hillary lost..time to move on to a similar/better candidate and stop the whining…