Traitor Joe, Angry Keith & VP Edwards

Droopy LiebermanLieberman betrays the Democrats . . . Again: Recently Obama kicked Lieberman’s ass in the Senate after Traitor Joe made comments about Obama after the candidates pandered at the AIPAC conference a couple of weeks ago. Now it appears that he’s at it again and is ripe for another ass-kicking.

“If Israel is in danger today, it’s not because of American foreign policy, which has been strongly supportive of Israel in every way. It is not because of what we have done in Iraq. It is because Iran is a fanatical terrorist, expansionist state.”

The implication here is that Obama is blaming US saber rattling in strengthening Iran. How much longer will the Democratic Party leadership look away while Lieberman goes off half-cocked attacking the party he caucuses with? Hey, Harry Reid. Where are you?

Olbmermann in the New YorkerAngry Olbermann piece in the New Yorker: The current issue of the New Yorker has an article on the storied career of Keith Olbermann. It is very interesting to read about how brilliant and creative his mind is and how quickly he has previously worn out his welcome. It sounds like he’s a bit temperamental. Seriously, this news doesn’t surprise me. After all, the man called the president the ‘Idiot in Chief’ and told him to ‘shut the hell up’. I bet many more Americans agree with his comments than agree with this president. I say – Keep it coming, Keith.

Click here to read the New Yorker story on Keith Olbermann.

Obama and EdwardsIs Edwards softening his position on VP?: I would love nothing more than seeing John Edwards join Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket this year. I took notice of him in 2004 as John Kerry’s VP candidate in the second stolen Bush presidency (see Ohio). I really loved the 2007-08 version of his message and I became a huge fan of his wife, Elizabeth. He was convincing in his lack of interest in being Obama’s VP for months now. That is, until yesterday on This Week with George ‘I still have fantasies of a 2nd Clinton presidency’ Stephanopoulos.

Edwards: “I intended it to say that this is not a thing that I’m seeking,”

Stephanopoulos: “And you haven’t ruled it out, though, completely, even though it’s his decision?”

Edwards: “Well, I’d take anything he asked me to think about seriously, but obviously this is something I’ve done and it’s not a job that I’m seeking.”

It is doubtful that Edwards will be asked to be the VP under Obama, though a major role in his administration would be likely. Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice and Poverty Czar have all been thrown about. Any way this goes, at least we can start hoping again.

Countrywide FinancialDid Dodd get special refinancing treatment?: It appears that numerous political people received special refinancing terms from Countrywide Financial including Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), former presidential candidate. Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo had an open policy with Senators that they receive special treatment.

“As a United States senator, I would never ask or expect to be treated differently than anyone else refinancing their home,” said Dodd.

Needless to say, with the market busting, how much of a sweetheart deal is it for these politicians? It still may cost them their homes and possibly their Senate seats.

R.I.P. Tim Russert: I was just starting to appreciate his work this year. I saw him a few times on Meet the Press but mostly watched his political coverage on MSNBC. I loved watching the primary team of Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews (I always waited to here him say something ludicrous), Brian Williams, the legendary Tom Brokaw and Russert. You knew how much respect he drew with his peers when Brokaw would say that he really wanted to hear what Timmy had to say about something. Rest in Peace. You were too young to go and the hole you leave will never be filled.

Tim Russert 1950 - 2008


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