Gore Endorses Lieberman

Former VP Gore endorses ObamaToday former VP Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama. It’s about time, Al. Doesn’t matter much now. Obama already won the nomination. Where the hell have you been?

What was truly amazing was the intensity and charisma Gore had in his speech tonight.

He rattled off reasons why elections matter. “If you like a T on your BLT, you know elections matter.”

In discussing the tainted China-made products he brought up the tainted pet food. “Even dogs and cats know that elections matter.”

His speech was well written and well presented. If Gore had given speeches like that in 2000, that election wouldn’t have made it to the Supreme Court and tonight we might have watched a President Gore endorsing . . . Joe Lieberman as the Democratic nominee for president?

Former VP Gore with Traitor Joe Lieberman in 2000


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