Vacation – A Time to Relax

Relaxing Gulf sunsetThere is nothing like a vacation to recharge the batteries. Getting away from the stress of work, home projects and news. Every so often, 5 days away is just what the doctor ordered.

Sitting on a beach – relaxing under an umbrella – watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico.

I made myself a promise to stay away from the news. So of course I limited that to watching Clinton’s concession speech, reading the Sunday NY Times and Monday-Wednesday’s USA Today and Wall Street Journal. I only watched Keith on Tuesday. I allowed myself to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. But that was it.

I steered clear of all internet activity barely checking email.

What I did see over my morning coffee was too much for my vacationing brain to handle:

  • No Triple Crown winner this year.
  • Dontrelle Willis to the minors – that one is huge for a Marlins fan.
  • Hillary conceded – Mark Penn blames the money. (Guess he hasn’t been paid yet)
  • Kucinich with strong backing from Wexler introduced articles of impeachment against Bush . . . finally!
  • The Supreme Court begins its final stretch in this year’s cases and moving more to the right.
  • The passing of legendary sportscaster Jim McKay at 86.
  • Here comes the new iPhone.
  • And Windows 7
  • A relaxing sunset on the Gulf of MexicoWhat’s up with the tomatoes?

I did receive an email smearing Obama. I responded to about half of it before I quit. I am on vacation. It was time for another piña colada. It was time to keep my promise.


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