It’s Obama’s Party Now

Presumptive Nominee Barack ObamaBarack Obama looks like his leadership style is going to have a ‘take no prisoners’ approach. After spending the primary season being mostly diplomatic when referring to his competition, he seems to have changed his demeanor since Tuesday night’s victory speech.

He made clear during his June 3rd St. Paul speech that the Democratic Party was now his party and he was the top of the ticket.

“But what you don’t deserve is another election that’s governed by fear, and innuendo, and division. What you won’t hear from this campaign or this party is the kind of politics that uses religion as a wedge and patriotism as a bludgeon…

“What you won’t see from this campaign or this party is a politics that sees our opponents not as competitors to challenge, but enemies to polarize, because we may call ourselves Democrats and Republicans, but we are Americans first. We are always Americans first.”

This sets an example that Obama plans to run a clean campaign, one that McCain has promised to run but has yet to demonstrate. He has also announced that the Democratic National Committee will no longer take money from PACs or federal lobbyists which follow his campaign rules.

Obama has also announced that Howard Dean would remain in charge of the DNC and that Obama will continue with the 50 state campaign that Dean envisioned in 2004 and Obama has followed in the primaries. Dean released a statement regarding this 50 state campaign:

“Over the last three years, the DNC staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Democratic Party is strong in all 50 states and that we communicate our values to Americans across the country. The DNC and the Obama campaign are now working together to continue this effort.”

Obama has also reportedly contacted Hillary Clinton to negotiate the conclusion of her campaign. She is expected to suspend her campaign and endorse Obama tomorrow in Washington D.C. He was also seen talking to her backstage at AIPAC, where both gave speeches.

Obama schools LiebermanAdditionally, he was spotted taking Joe Lieberman and guiding him by the arm to the back of the Senate floor where the 2 exchanged words. According to reports, Obama’s body language indicated that he was the one controlling the conversation though no reports were issued as to the subject matter of this discussion. Lieberman has been openly critical of Obama during this election cycle.

In the 3 days since Obama has been the presumptive Democratic nominee, he has made it clear the type of campaign he expects to run – both for himself and for the Democratic Party. It will be interesting to see how the next 5 months will be with the extreme amounts of money produced by the 527 groups that will undoubtedly smear Obama as they had 4 years ago with the John Kerry Swift Boat nonsense. Now with Obama’s snubbing of PACs and lobbyist money, one must wonder where those dollars will go and how they will be used.

McBush loves BushBest quote from the June 3rd St. Paul victory speech:

“So I’ll say this: There are many words to describe John McCain’s attempt to pass off his embrace of George Bush‘s policies as bipartisan and new, but ‘change’ is not one of them.”

It’s tough to think that he wasn’t referring to ‘the embrace’.


2 responses to “It’s Obama’s Party Now

  1. I don’t think his demeanor changed one bit. He’s always come across as tough, but statesmen-like. Gracious but resolute.
    Also, he absolutely was referring to the embrace picture that’s plastered all over the internet. Quite clever. It also helps that Barack’s remark was spot-on.

  2. goodtimepolitics

    Yep! The democratic party is Obama’s and Dean can’t do anything about it! But now that does not mean that Obama is in the White House yet! 🙂