Primary Fatigue, BillO and More

Primary fatigue comes to an end?

It looks as if Hillary Clinton will suspend her campaign today and endorse Barack Obama as the nominee.  Clinton has offered her campaign staff 1-way tickets to either her speech in New York City or home to wait for further instructions. 

“I want to say also that this may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind,” President Bill Clinton said while campaigning for his wife in South Dakota.

What’s next for Clinton?  A VP nod?  She now says that she’s open to it.

An AP story this morning quoted Clinton campaign advisor Terry McAuliffe as saying that Clinton would concede the nomination tonight.  Then he reportedly denied those initial comments.  I guess we’ll see tonight.

President CarterReports have surfaced that former President Jimmy Carter will endorse Obama this evening.  No surprise here considering Carter has said that his entire family already supported Obama. 

Rep. Robert Wexler (FL) spoke before a senior citizen group today and was greeted with jeers because of Wexler’s support for Obama.  Most seniors in Florida are ardent Clinton supporters and resent Wexler’s position.  Wexler is popular with his constituents and most Democrats because of his position of the impeachment of VP Dick Cheney and his desire to question former Bush advisor Karl Rove.  That’s all well and good but don’t dis the Hillary.


Books – Books – Books

Scott McClellan is making the rounds promoting his new book “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception”.  Last night he entered the ‘No Spin Zone’ took on Bill O’Reilly for 3 segments on the Factor.   BillO spun the book to imply that it was a hatchet job on Bush.  It was also clear that BillO never actually read the book.  He criticized the interviews Scottie has already done for NBC.  Without saying so, O’Reilly meant Tim Russert and Keith Olbermann.  At least on Countdown, Olbermann took direct quotes from the book and asked McClellan to comment.  O’Reilly just used the administrations spin and challenged McClellan to dispute those facts.  I found it very difficult to subject myself to the full 3 segments but am proud to say I made it.    General Ricardo Sanchez

Bet you didn’t know that General Ricardo Sanchez co-authored a book released last month.   Wiser in Battle:  A Soldier’s Story details the chaos that took place in Iraq and the blunders from the top.  This book is a must-read in order to get the inside scoop from a former on-site commander in Iraq.  Sadly, this book doesn’t get the attention it deserves because of competition from the tell-all from Scottie boy.


Political Medical Notes:

Senator Kennedy underwent surgery yesterday to remove the brain tumor.  He was awake during the 3 hour procedure.  The next steps for him will be for him to undergo chemo.  Reports from the hospital say that Kennedy is doing well and was walking around the hospital and visiting with family.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Kennedy and his family.

Senator Robert Byrd was taken to the hospital yesterday.  He was lethargic and had a high fever.  He will remain hospitalized for a few more days to treat a mild infection.  This is the third hospital visit this year for the 90-year-old Senator from West Virginia.  We wish you a speedy recovery, Senator.

On a sad note:  General William Odom passed away of an apparent heart attack on May 30th.  He was an opponent of the war in Iraq, speaking out prior to the invasion.  He last co-wrote a piece with Zbigniew Brzezinski for the Washington Post – 27-May-2008 – called A Sensible Path on Iran.  He was 75.

General Odom


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