Scott McClellan: Sad & Puzzled

I am sad and puzzled. I am sad and puzzled that Scott McClellan stayed quiet for as long as he did.

I watched him sit for nearly an hour with Keith on Countdown last night and didn’t shed one sweat bead. Not one. Either the A/C is better in the MSNBC studios compared to the White House press room or he was too tired counting his money to sweat. Maybe he was just telling the truth.

Remember for the last months of his time as press secretary, McClellan perspired profusely. I had never seen anything like it outside of Tony Blair’s appearances in the House of Commons or that old SNL sketch where Billy Crystal would just start sweating uncontrollably. Was he under the gun with no fire in the belly because he didn’t believe the lies any longer?

Why did Scottie come clean now? Why did he wake up out of his Kool Aid induced coma? Could it have anything to do with the White House’s refusal to endorse McClellan’s mother in her campaign for Texas governor?

Why did the Republicans stay quiet when news of the book leaked last November? Why did they wait until the book came out to talk? Why did they only say that they were sad and puzzled? Why didn’t they start attacking the points? In the coming days and weeks we should be seeing the talking points change to either attacking the points in the book (which would make their claims more believable) or attacking McClellan. Rove has already said Scottie sounded like a left-wing blogger. If they pick up their smear game instead of attacking the points or keeping quiet and allowing this noise to die on its own, then you will know that Scottie was on to something.

What was the deal with the Jeff Gannon comments? It sounded awfully like he and Scottie boy had something going. This is the same Jeff Gannon who lobbed softball questions to Scottie and Georgie. He also had unlimited visits to the White House.

Gannon (real name: James Guckert) had this to say:

Add me to the growing list of those who are having great difficulty understanding McClellan’s motives. I spent two years as a White House reporter, much of it during McClellan’s reign. At no time did Scott ever indicate, either publicly or privately, he had the misgivings he expressed in this book.

“What I hear about the book does not sound like the Scott McClellan I knew for two years. I can say without fear of contradiction, that I knew Scott better than any other White House correspondent or Washington reporter.”

Is Gannon/Guckert upset because Scottie never shared his true feelings publicly or privately? Privately?

Gannon/Guckert knew Scottie better than any other WH correspondent or DC reporter?

Dude? He was a male hooker with many, many, many visits to the WH. What is he implying? Don’t make my post his picture.

Robert Wexler is calling for Scottie to testify before the House judiciary committee. Why waste your time. Just read the book. Then nail Rove to the wall. Chairman Conyers is ready to kick some ass. Bring Rove in NOW!!!!!!!!!

Katie Couric and others have started to speak about their experiences. Let’s see if this breaks the media out of their shells. We need them if we are to get our country back.

This story is just starting. It should be fun. (I look forward to Sean InsHanitty’s memoirs. But I won’t hold my breath.)


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