My 2 Buck$ for the Day – 28-May-2008

Sadly, this week there are so many places to begin the My 2 Buck$ feature. Let’s try to organize this in some rational fashion.

As discussed in last week’s feature, Senator John McCain’s campaign is packed with lobbyists. Since that time, 6 have resigned from his campaign. Charles Black claims that he has retired from lobbying and as such should not be considered among the crowd. Former Senator Phil Gramm who lobbies for legislation for the mortgage crisis is spending time advising McCain about his economic policy. Both are still with the McCain campaign. The continued fall-out of lobbyists on his campaign should be interesting to follow.

McCain has been called McBush and McSame. His campaign has been accused of being the third term for George W. Bush. Just how much are Bush and McCain’s policies McSame? Since Bush has been in the White House, McCain voted 85% with the Republican Party. So much for ‘The Maverick’. So much for ‘Mr. Moderate.’ You would at least expect McCain to run away from the party this year in order to establish his own candidacy. Not quite. McCain has voted 100% with Bush in 2008. Would McCain’s presidency equate to a third Bush term? You decide.

McCain – Hagee – Parsely – oh my. McCain actively sought and was proud to receive the endorsements of John Hagee and Rod Parsley. Hagee has called the Catholics ‘The Great Whore’, blamed Katrina in New Orleans on a ‘homosexual parade’ that was scheduled for the day Katrina hit, and said Hitler was a hunter with a gun sent by God to guide the Jews to Israel and kill millions in the process. So McCain felt he had to reject Hagee’s endorsement. Parseley, on the other hand, said Islam was a profound threat to the United States and called for Christians to eradicate the ‘false religion’. So McCain finally did what he felt he must – reject Parsely’s endorsement.

Even though his best friend in the Senate, John McCain has rejected Hagee’s endorsement for his previously mentioned remarks, Joe Lieberman ( decided it was fine to schedule a speaking engagement at the Hagee Summit in July called ‘Christians United for Israel’. Let’s get this straight: Joe Lieberman – who is Jewish – is speaking at a summit headed by John Hagee – who said that Hitler was a hunter sent by God to kill Jews and shepherd them to Israel. WTF?

I must move to the other party. This Republican campaign is driving me nuts.

When Obama was speaking to veterans on Memorial Day, he had mistakenly mentioned the wrong concentration camp that his great-uncle helped to liberate. He mistakenly said Auschwitz instead of Buchenwald. Is that a huge deal? You decide. And when did ‘concentration camps’ get renamed to ‘Nazi death camps’?

Clinton invokes RFK. How many times have we heard this mentioned since Friday? Hillary immediately stated her regrets if anyone was offended and specifically referred to the Kennedy family. So of course, people were offended because she really didn’t apologize. And not to Obama or McCain. Of course, I’ve always heard that the worst way to apologize is to say ‘I’m sorry if you felt I hurt you’. She didn’t even say sorry – she said regret, so I understand the offense. But would that have stopped the onslaught from the media? Would that have stopped the Special Comment from Keith Olbermann? Should it have?

Miscellaneous Notes:

I look forward to reading Scott McClellan’s new book. It looks like it will have some really interesting stories about how the liberal media was right all along but just shirked their responsibilities. Cheney and Rove are the criminals we all thought. Bush is out-of-touch and was duped by the brains in the administration. The so-called liberal media is loving this now. Imagine how they would have loved it had they actually been doing their job for the last 7½ years! Sounds like a fascinating read.

2008 Election Polls: In the general election polls both Obama and Clinton will beat McCain however in the state-by-state polls that comprise the electoral votes, Clinton crushes McCain while Obama only edges him. I find that fascinating since Clinton has been playing small venues, McCain moved a fund raiser to a smaller venue due to lack of ticket sales and Obama speaks to 75,000 in Oregon and 16,000 at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, FL. Who’s doing these polls?


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  1. David Lieber

    Former Senator Phil Gramm is a truly Texas cluck. He’s a redneck hillbilly that hates judges who make law. He loves judges that sentence people to death at the rate of 8 corpses per month.