And the Winner Is . . .

If you ask the Clinton campaign and their supporters they will say in a resounding cry that Hillary “Yes We Will” Clinton has taken control of the nomination.  She has truly demonstrated why she and not Barack “Yes We Can” Obama should be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.  Clinton won West Virginia convincingly with 67% of the vote to Obama’s 26% and picked up a net gain of 12 pledged delegates. 

No question that the uneducated white vote came out strongly to support Clinton’s long shot campaign.  The one-time favorite is all but out of the campaign.  She trails in every facet of the campaign including the only one that counts – delegate count.  Obama has commanding 160+ delegate count lead as the remaining available count dwindles. 

What will it take for Clinton to win this campaign?  Short of cheating, you ask?  The only thing left is for the committed delegates to pack their bags and move from Obama to Clinton and the remaining delegates to flood towards Clinton.  Nothing else is possible.

What can cause this? 

Maybe a surprisingly devastating loss to Clinton in Oregon.  This is a state that Obama is expected to win.  West Virginia yesterday and Kentucky next week both polled as big wins for Clinton.  Anything short of a crushing victory by Clinton would have been seen as a defeat.

An unforeseen scandal?  Obama has withstood the Jeremiah Wright story ad nauseum, a secret Muslim smear and the inexperienced executive theory.  Is there something so huge that it could destroy his campaign?  Or is there something that can be generated that would cause voters and delegates to run from his campaign?

Who know?  But don’t be surprised if . . .

Something comes out that harms his campaign so badly that he has to drop out.  Obama supporters will see this as something produced by the Clinton campaign and will threaten to either stay home in November or vote for McCain or Nader if Clinton is the nominee.  Obama, who has no love lost for Clinton and a huge small donor list, endorses John Edwards, who un-suspends his campaign and picks up all of Obama’s delegates.  This debate will trudge on until the convention in August where the delegates realize that for the sake of party unity and that Edwards stands the best shot of beating McBush in the general election nominates Edwards as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. 

With this theory, even by winning, Clinton loses. 





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  1. David Lieber

    Please update to include John Edwards entering the fray. Clinton is history.